horse donation form for the wef collegiate equitation challenge friday, 2/7/2014

thank you for your participation in our event by lending your horse for the competition.  we are very appreciative.  we will have an assigned schooling time for friday afternoon/evening that we will inform you of by thurs. afternoon.  we will provide each horse with a square saddle pad and a number that you will need to use during the schooling and the class. you will provide the bridle and saddle with girth (extra pads).   please braid your horse if possible.  banded jumper braids are acceptable.  you also will need a rider for the warm up.  if warm-up rider is a junior please include that information on this form.
horse's name:
owner info:
email:                                                                                                                                    phone:
trainer info:
rider for warm up:
if junior, year in high school: 
horse info:
hunter    jumper    big eq type  (mark one) 
best @: 3' or 3'6" (mark one) 
spurs     stick  (mark any that apply)
lead change:  yes  no (mark one)
is the horse for sale (will note in program) 
horse's preferred ride: 
special information or directions: 
do you need stabling? yes  no
any questions????? call  jill townsend  561-818-0049
return to jill townsend  2040 appaloosa trail wellington fl 33414 or email

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